Is Zero Waste Travel Possible?


Even the most environmentally conscious of people can agree that travel is one of the most difficult things to green up. With so many factors out of our control, and with so many other things on our mind during a trip, it is not easy to accomplish zero waste travel. But is it possible?

The answer is yes; the secret is just to plan ahead, and develop your waste disposal methods over time. Here are some useful waste removal and recycling tips to get you started in the right direction toward zero waste travel  by Ben & Jerry

Bring Reusable Shopping Bags

Bring a few reusable cloth bags with you in your suitcase; they fold up very tiny and weigh almost nothing, so space and weight should not be an obstacle. This way you will reduce your carbon footprint and have less waste removal issues to worry about.

Bring Your Own Water Bottle

Water bottles are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to waste generated during travel. It can also become costly to buy all the water you need, every time you get thirsty. Combat both of these by simply bringing your own water bottle. Many airports now have water refill stations so that you don’t have to buy it anymore. Just remember to empty the bottle before you get to the security checks.

Bottle Your Own Toiletries

Get reusable bottles or reuse ones you’ve already acquired from past hotel stays, and refill them as needed. In addition to saving on the plastic bottles you use up, you can also choose to use more eco-friendly and biodegradable soaps and products.

Bring Your Own Food and Containers

Bring your own food, and pack it in reusable containers. This can be a bit tricky on planes, but is easier on trains and road trips. If you’re in the car, you can open up your options by putting food and drinks in a cooler. Don’t forget that food waste disposal is a serious issue and you need to take enough quantity of food for the whole trip.

In addition, you can also pack your own utensils, straws, and reusable napkins.

Skip the Traditional Souvenirs

When you’re in a new place, you might feel the urge to buy yourself something not entirely useful, like a t-shirt or a hat. Or maybe you feel pressured to purchase gifts for friends and family, so you stock up on coffee mugs and shot glasses and little miniature landmark souvenirs. But these things can add up to a lot of waste if they go unused, which they usually do. Save your money and space for things like photos of experiences and additional outings, not trinkets which hold no actual value to you.

Utilize Public Transportation

When the place you’re in offers public transportation, use it. Whether it’s the bus system, the train system, or a ferry, it adds to your experience while reducing your waste if you choose to use public transport when it’s available. It also adds fun and authenticity to your experience, along with teaching you a lot about that city’s layout.

Zero Waste Travel: Definitely Doable

So, as you can see, zero waste travel is possible. It isn’t easy at first, but with time and some practice, you can perfect the art of making it convenient as well. So next time you take that dream trip, you can come back with tons of awesome memories, with zero feelings of guilt. Use these useful ideas on responsible rubbish removal and recycling in your everyday life and keep the environment clean.